Graduation Invitation Reseller Pages
presented as a double sided 8-1/2" x 11" for distribution and sales to graduating classmates.
Representative gets 20% commission on invitation sales.
You get the orders.
Email or fax them to Dogbones Network.
We call your customers and collect their credit card information for billing.
We mail their orders directly to them (unless you are organizing a fundraiser)
We send you your commission.
No limit; no minimums.
You may order your own invitations at the 20% discount.

Register to sell to your friends and classmates. Represent your school or town by sending an email to onpaper@dogbonesnetwork  or
Tell me your name, mailing address and what school or town you are selling to. I'll reach you by phone (if you give it to me) or email, confirming you as a rep. We'll talk about how you submit orders, how I reach your customers to get their credit card info for payment and how you would like to be paid (check mailed, Paypal account).